Getting to and from School

Primary Transportation

  • Your child’s “transportation” is the way he or she gets to and from school on a regular basis. You will let us know at the beginning of the school year if your child is a bus rider, a Kiss and Ride passenger, a walker, or a bike rider. We must be notified, in writing, of any permanent changes to this routine. 

Temporary Changes in Transportation 

  • Changes in transportation should be made only when necessary. If a change in routine is required, such as meeting a parent at Kiss and Ride, you must send a note to your child’s teacher on the morning of the change.
  • Changes for afternoon dismissal must be called into the office by 3 p.m. and will be approved by an administrator for emergencies only. 

PLEASE NOTE: Students are not permitted to ride a different school bus than the one they are assigned. If a student is going home with a friend that is on another bus, alternate arrangements must be made.

Riding the School Bus

  • Bus transportation is determined by where you live. Students who live more than one mile from the school or must cross a major road to get to school on foot will be provided with free bus transportation. Buses enter and exit the school grounds through the parking lot on the west side of the school building (the one closer to Silverbrook Road). Please do not park in this parking lot during school hours.
  • To protect student privacy, we do not post bus routes/schedules. You can obtain a paper copy from the front office. Schedules and stops are usually not finalized until right before the school year begins each year.
  • Bus transportation and bus-stop issues are controlled by FCPS's Department of Transportation. For questions or concerns about bus transportation to Laurel Hill, please contact Helen Resh (703-446-2150). For emergencies after hours, contact Safety and Security at 571-423-2000.

Special Note about Kindergarteners Riding the School Bus

  • Kindergarten students who ride the bus in the afternoon are to be met at the bus door and asked for by name by a parent, parent designee, guardian, or a responsible middle school age or higher sibling. If no one is present at the stop to meet the kindergarten student, the driver will return the child to school and the parent/guardian will be called to come pick up their child.

Is your child's bus running late?

Walking to School

  • Laurel Hill is located in a walking community. Over three-quarters of our students live within walking distance of the school. We encourage students to walk to school whenever possible, both for exercise and to lower the number of cars traveling through our Kiss and Ride lane each day (more than 600!). 
  • A crossing guard is positioned on Laurel Crest Drive at the school entrance to help students cross safely from neighborhoods across the street. School Safety Patrols are also stationed at nearby intersections. 
  • Walkers in grades 1 through 6 enter and exit the building through the main entrance (Door #1). Kindergarten walkers enter the school through the main entrance in the morning but exit through the Cafeteria (Door #2) in the afternoon. Kindergarten students who walk must be dismissed to an adult who has the Kiss and Ride number.

Riding Bicycles, Skateboards, and Scooters to School

  • Only walkers may ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters to school.  There is no space for these items inside the school.  A bike rack is provided in the back of the school to lock these items with personal locks. Laurel Hill Elementary School and Fairfax County Public Schools assumes no responsibility for bicycles, skateboards and scooters brought to school.
  • For more information on riding bicycles to school, please see our school's Bike Rider's Contract. If your child is riding a bike to school, you must fill out this form and return it to the office.

Kiss and Ride

  • Please obey the following rules when using the Kiss and Ride lane to ensure the safety of our students and staff members.

General Information (Morning Drop-Off and Afternoon Pick-Up)

  • Our Kiss & Ride route was established by school and county safety officials. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in following our Kiss and Ride rules to ensure the safety of students, staff members, and parents.
  • All students, regardless of their primary form of transportation, will be issued a Kiss and Ride number at the beginning of the school year. Two copies of the numbers will be sent home. Please be sure to keep one copy in your car at all times. Without a number, you will need to go to the office and present a photo ID in order to pick up your child.
  • To get to Kiss and Ride, drive north on Silverbrook Rd., turn right onto Laurel Crest, then turn right into the school.
  • To exit the Kiss and Ride lane, turn right onto Laurel Crest Drive from the school parking lot. Left turns will not be permitted.
  • Plan ahead! Rushing can cause accidents, injuries, and stress!
  • ALWAYS follow the directions of the adults directing traffic.
  • For everyone’s safety, PLEASE turn off your cell phone!

Morning Drop-Off

  • Morning drop off begins at 9:05 a.m. Please do not drop off your child before 9:05 a.m. when staff members are present. 
  • Drop your child off in the Kiss and Ride area only, not on Laurel Crest Drive, in the neighboring recreation center parking lot, or in any other areas of the Laurel Hill parking lot. (This includes the bus parking lot closest to Silverbrook Road; no cars will be allowed to enter or exit that lot.)
  • Pull forward to the stop sign if you are the first car in line.
  • Students should exit cars on the passenger side only.
  • Students will leave cars and enter the building through the front entrance Door #1.
  • Empty parking spaces next to the Kiss and Ride line area are for visitors or official business. Please do not use these for drop off or pick up. 

Afternoon Pick-Up

  • We encourage you to use the Kiss and Ride line if you are picking up your child. Please do not park across the street or in the parking lot to avoid the Kiss and Ride line and ask your child to walk to your car. This is unsafe for students and parents.
  • You must display your Kiss and Ride number on the dashboard of your car. Please pull forward to the very end of the line (near the pool) if you are the first car in line.
  • Drivers are asked to remain in their cars and should not leave their car unattended in the line.
  • Students should enter cars on the passenger side only. Patrols will assist with car doors as needed.
  • Drivers are asked to stay in line and are not permitted to pull around the other cars.