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Core Curriculum

  • Our core curriculum consists of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Language arts are integrated throughout the curriculum so that children realize that reading and writing are the basis for success in all subject areas. Students in grades 3 through 6 are tested in the spring in these core areas through the administration of statewide SOL Tests. Students in all four grades take tests in Reading and Math. In addition, students in fourth grade take a Virginia Studies test, and students in fifth grade take a science test. 

Intervention Time 

  • Daily individualized intervention time is a key part of our core curriculum in all grade levels. Each day, students have about 30 minutes of time dedicated to working on current concepts and skills. No new information is taught during this time period. Students who need extra help in certain areas receive extra support; students who have already mastered concepts participate in enrichment projects. The intervention program allows for increased differentiation and individualized instruction within the classroom.

Weekly Specials

  • In addition to the four core subject areas, all students in all grade levels receive instruction in "Specials" each week - Physical Education (P.E.), General Music, Art, and Library. Classes have P.E and General Music twice each week and Art and Library once a week. Students in grades 5 and 6 may add Choral Music and either Band or Strings to their weekly schedules. Fourth-grade students may choose to study a string instrument. Students who choose instrumental music will meet just once per week with General Music teachers.


  • Technology is integrated into all classes at Laurel Hill Elementary - not just general-education classrooms, but specials like Music, P. E,. and Art as well. All general-education classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards and the teachers use them every day. In addition, we employ mobile laptop carts that teachers can check out for their students to use for work in the classroom.
  • Students are allowed to bring their own personal electronic devices for use in the classroom for independent reading or research when directed by the teacher. 

After-School Opportunities

  • Although Fairfax County does not run after-school programs for elementary students, Laurel Hill is lucky to have both an active PTA and dedicated teachers who often organize after-school enrichment classes and activities for our students. In the past, the PTA has offered a science club, a math club, a running club, language classes, drama classes, cooking classes, arts & crafts classes, basketball and lacrosse. 

Across all grade levels, Laurel Hill Elementary provides a strong foundation of academic learning. Teachers in all classes structure their class curricula using the FCPS Elementary Curriculum. which is based on the state of Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOL) objectives.


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