School Communication

At Laurel Hill, communication is a two-way street.

Laurel Hill utilizes several different methods of communication to help keep parents and guardians informed about what's happening at school and how their children are performing in the classroom.

Please Keep Us in the Loop!

Our most basic method of communication is the telephone. We may need to reach you during the school day, so it's important that we have your current numbers on file. Your contact information is as important as ours.

The Emergency Care Form is a key piece of paper in our office; wherever we go, it goes, including outside for fire drills and on field trips.  Phone numbers, addresses, and those adults you permit to take your child from school should all be kept current. You can update your information by calling our office (703-551-5300) or through your SIS parent account at any time.

If you move or change your phone number, please notify the office staff as soon as possible. Current information is vital to us in case of an emergency!

General School Communication

Each week, the school sends home Wednesday Folders. This folder contains graded student work, teacher notes, school announcements, PTA fliers, and other valuable information. It is important to check your child’s folder each week, sign it, and return it to school for use the following week.

Important school announcements and emergency messages are sent through our Keep in Touch (KIT) system, also known as e-Notify. All parents and guardians are automatically added to this system when their children are registered in FCPS.

At Laurel Hill, we also send a weekly electronic newsletter, known as The Weekly Roar. This information will be sent to all parents and guardians using the News You Choose system as well as posted on our school website. Please be sure to read this timely publication each week. It contains important notes and reminders about what's going on at school.

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Our school website – - is our major method of public communication. It is updated regularly with school information and announcements and contains links to helpful information from other FCPS and county organizations. Please check the site on a regular basis.

Communication with Teachers

All of our teachers develop their own classroom communication plans, which may include notes, newsletters, e-mails, or contact through room parents.

If you have a question for your child’s teacher or a concern about your child, the best way to reach a teacher is via e-mail. Teachers usually respond within 24 to 48 hours, although they may also ask to schedule time to talk about the concern at length, in person or on the phone.

Teachers are not able to take phone calls from parents during the school day. If you call the school to speak to your child’s teacher, you will be transferred to the teacher’s voice mail. Teachers usually respond to phone messages within 24 to 48 hours.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

The school year is divided into four nine-week grading periods. At the end of the first grading period (the end of October), your child’s teacher will schedule a conference with you to discuss your child’s progress. At the end of each grading period, you will receive a printed Progress Report. Contact your child’s teacher anytime if you have a concern or if you would like to schedule an additional conference.

All conferences must be scheduled in advance and are usually held before or after school. You will not be able to meet with your child’s teacher during the school day, except for certain pre-arranged meetings.

Student Information System (SIS)

Parents and guardians can access information about their children, including grades, absences, and discipline reports, through a ParentVUE SIS account. This is also the portal for parent access to FCPS 24/7 (also known as Blackboard) where teachers post classroom information and resources. 

If you do not yet have a ParentVUE account or need help logging in, please contact Registrar Gloria Leckner at @email.