Safety & Security

Please follow our policies and procedures to help keep all Laurel Hill Lions safe.

FCPS Security and Emergency Preparedness

If we ever have a security concern, we immediately contact FCPS Security, which operates 24/7. They are the team that responds if the building is entered unlawfully during off hours, when external incidents such as vandalism occur on school grounds, or whenever we encounter a situation where we feel their presence would be helpful.  They’re always looking out for us.

Like all FPCS schools, Laurel Hill has a layered emergency-preparedness plan in place. Parts of it are intentionally not made public. Not even the staff knows everything in the plan. This is because we don’t want people who might wish to do the school harm to know the details of such plans. All FCPS staff members are trained to handle an array of emergency situations.

We DO want all staff members and students to know what to do should an emergency occur during the school day. To learn the protocol, we practice several safety drills throughout the school year so everyone knows exactly what to do.

Fire Drills

We practice this essential drill every week during the first month of school and monthly every month thereafter.  Our fire drills are critical, because they teach everyone where to go if we all have to evacuate the building for any reason.

Lockdown Drills

  • During a lockdown drill, we practice what to do if there is an intruder in the building. There are three key parts:
  • Close the classroom: close and lock all the doors and windows, draw the blinds, cover the door window with black paper so no one can see in, turn off the lights
  • Move together to a safe spot: gather in a corner of the room as far from doors and windows as possible
  • Remain silent
  • Do not open the door for anyone: Students are taught that this rule applies, even if the person knocking says he/she is a policeman or with the principal. If the coast is clear, the police or the principal will be able to come in with a key.

Other levels of lockdown include “shelter in place” meaning no one goes in and no one goes out, but activity remains normal inside the building; students would be called in from recess; if you visit during such an event, you would not be allowed to enter. This usually happens when there is some sort of police action nearby. We are also prepared to shelter in place for major weather events or if transportation needs to be delayed.

We have specific safety protocol in case of tornadoes or earthquakes.

Visiting Our School

Check-In Required

We welcome parents in our school. You are welcome to have lunch with your child and volunteer in the classroom or other areas of the school. It is important to make an appointment with the teacher to visit or volunteer in the classroom.

In order to ensure a safe environment for students and staff members, all visitors must follow certain procedures every time they come to school:

  • During the school day, all visitors must enter through Door #1, the main entrance. All visitors must be buzzed in, as this door - like all outside doors - is locked during school hours. When you press the button to enter, one of our office staff members will likely ask you why you are visiting. This is to help assure the safety of all of our students and staff members.

  • All visitors to our building during the school day must sign in in the Front Office. We now have a new high-tech visitor/volunteer check-in system called “Scholar Chip,” which replaces our old laptop and yellow badge system. If you come to school for any reason such as meeting with a teacher or principal, having lunch with your  child, putting money on your child’s lunch account, or volunteering you will have to check in using this new system. You will need a valid driver’s license, DMV identification card, military ID, or passport to use this system. It is quick and easy to use, and if you have any trouble our office staff will be there to assist you. When you check in, you will scan your identification, have your picture taken, and be issued a special badge (similar to the old yellow Visitor and Volunteer badges).  You must check out using the barcode printed on the pass that is issued to you.

    We hope this new system will streamline our check-in/check-out process and become a more efficient way to keep track of who is in the school building.

These procedures allow us to know who is in the building, where they are in the building, and the reason for their visit. This information not only helps us protect everyone in the building, but it also is critical in case there is an emergency, such as a fire.

  • You can play a part in our safety protocol as well.
  • Pay attention to those around you when you visit the school. If you see an adult who does not have either an FCPS identification badge or a paper badge from our security system, direct him or her to the Front Office.
  • Be careful when entering the building that others do not slip in behind you. If someone does, direct him or her to the Front Office.
  • If you ever see or hear anything that sounds suspicious to you – in the school or in the community - please do not hesitate to let us know.

Kiss & Ride Traffic
Our Kiss & Ride route was established by school and county safety officials. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in following these directions:

  • To get to Kiss & Ride, drive north on Silverbrook Rd., turn right onto Laurel Crest, then turn right into the school. Cars cannot turn left into the school during arrival and dismissal.

  • The neighborhood association asks parents not to park in the community center parking lot.

  • Bring your child’s Kiss & Ride number. Without it, you will need to go to the Office and present a photo ID to pick up your child.

  • Drop your child off in the Kiss & Ride area only, not on Laurel Crest Drive, in the neighboring recreation center parking lot, or in any other areas of the Laurel Hill parking lot. (This includes the bus parking lot closest to Silverbrook Road; no cars will be allowed to enter or exit that lot during the arrival or dismissal window.)

  • Pull your car forward as far as possible in the line.

  • Make sure your child enters and exits your car on the building side.

  • Turn right when exiting the school parking lot.

  • Plan ahead! Rushing can cause accidents, injuries, and stress!

  • ALWAYS follow the directions of the adults directing traffic.

  • For everyone’s safety, PLEASE turn off your cell phone!