Ms. Braden Named FCPS Region 4 Outstanding Elementary New Teacher!

Ms. Williamson and Ms. Everett Also Recognized at FCPS Honors!

By Department of Human Resources
June 15, 2018

a photo of julianne bradenCongratulations to Second-Grade Teacher Julianne Braden who was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the 2018 Region 4 Outstanding Elementary New Teacher and one of five finalists for this year's Outstanding Elementary New Teacher Award!

Even the students who put up the biggest walls find it hard to resist Ms. Braden's physical education classes. In her two years at Laurel Hill, she’s upped the fitness quotient of the entire school. Her Fitness Fuel Up Videos not only encourage a brain break, but get students moving in class; many have designed their own fitness moves to be included in future videos. She instills a desire to learn with her “Lion of the Week” awards and was named Coach of the Year for taking South County High School’s gymnastics team to Regionals. Fellow staff members describe her as a “kinetic ball of energy,” always ready to pitch in. “Our school would not be the amazing place that it is to work and learn without her,” said one.

Congratulations also to Marissa Williamson and Mary Trippe Everett who were recognized at FCPS Honors!

Outstanding Elementary Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Marissa Williamson, Sixth Grade Teacher

Outstanding School-based Support Employee School-level Recipient

  • Mary Trippe Everett, Instructional Assistant

Thank you to Kori Coleman, Sarah Orlick and Marianne Reznikoff for all of their hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.