First Graders Learn to Observe and Classify in Science

By Gloribeth Fernandez, Laurel Hill News Liaison
November 12, 2018

a photo from the laurel hill science lab

First graders at Laurel Hill Elementary donned lab coats and are learning to think like scientists by using their senses to observe and classify. In Marissa Williamson and Rosaleen Sypher’s classes, students did experiments and activities that revolved around pumpkins. The addition of a new science lab in the school provided the perfect spot for the activities. With the help of parents; donations of many pumpkins of various sizes, colors, and shapes; and lead science teacher Pete Cookson, first graders were able to rotate through stations to observe pumpkins, hold experiments to learn whether pumpkins sink or float, and predict what would happen to seeds in different types of liquids. Contact news liaison Gloribeth Fernandez at [email protected]