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On this page, you'll find information about the registration process, including links to required forms and other helpful resources.

Important Kindergarten Registration Reminder: Entrance Age

A child may enter kindergarten in August 2018, if he or she has reached or will reach the age of 5 on or before September 30, 2018.

The Code of Virginia does not permit waivers or consideration based on student skills for children born after September 30th, UNLESS:

1) The enrolling student has successfully completed kindergarten in a Virginia private school accredited by the Virginia Council for Private Education. Such students may be enrolled in first grade without an assessment.


2) The enrolling student is the child of a military family transferring from an area where the age requirements for kindergarten are different.

Registration Requirements

To register your child at Laurel Hill Elementary, you will need to make an appointment with the school registrar, Sarah Orlick. She can be reached at 703-551-5301 or @email.

Please read through the information below carefully to prepare for your registration appointment. Bring all required documents and paperwork with you. If you wish to schedule a tour of the school with our Parent Liaison, Teresa Smith, please see our School Tours page.


Before scheduling a registration appointment, please verify that your address is within the Laurel Hill boundaries through the FCPS website at Only students who live within our boundaries may be registered at our school. We are currently closed to pupil placements from outside our boundaries, due to capacity restrictions. 

Special Circumstances

If you are not the biological or legally adoptive parent of the child you wish to register, you must call 703-204-6740 to schedule a registration appointment.


Required Documentation

When you arrive to register your child, you will need to present these documents:

1. Proof of residency

A deed, lease agreement, or resident manager’s letter is acceptable. One piece of mail sent to the parent/guardian at that address is also required.

If the family is living in the residence of a friend or relative, the homeowner/leaseholder must provide a notarized affidavit accompanied by the lease or deed. An affidavit by the parent stating his/her residence and supporting documents to that effect are also required as evidence of non-temporary residence. (Please note that both the resident and the leaseholder or homeowner must file the affadavits below.)

Residency Affadavit

Leaseholder or Homeowner Affadavit

Homeless Student Referral


2. Proof of birth

An original birth certificate is required for all students. If a birth certificate is not available, an affidavit with substantiating documentation is required (see below). The legal name of the student as shown on the original birth certificate will be entered in the student record. Changes to an original birth certificate must be supported by a court document.

Affadavit for Birth Certificate


3. Health documentation

Parents must present both a certificate of physical examination (dated within 12 months prior to September 6, 2016) and an immunization record in order to enroll their child in school.


4. Government-issued photo ID

The enrolling parent must provide a photo ID for registration as well. (The parent who signs the forms and is delivering the paperwork must be listed as the "enrolling parent," and must provide the photo ID.)


5. Enrollment forms

Several enrollment forms must also be completed. You can find these forms on the FCPS website at

Translation Services

Registration requirements documents and translations are available in ArabicChineseFarsiKoreanSpanishUrdu, and Vietnamese. For recorded information about registration, please call 703-204-6795


Additional Information

Should you have any more questions regarding registering your student at Laurel Hill, please contact our office at  703-551-5300.

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